Nuclear Fuel

Low Enriched Uranium

Centrus Energy is a diversified supplier of enriched uranium fuel for civilian nuclear power reactors.  Drawing upon our inventory, long-term supply agreements we have in place with other producers, and purchases from secondary sources, Centrus is continuing its 50-year record of providing utility customers with assured, affordable and on-time deliveries.

Since 1998, the company has provided its utility customers with more than 1750 reactor years of fuel – equivalent to 7 billion tons of coal.

While our diverse supply base already extends to 2026 and beyond, Centrus is committed to deploying a uranium enrichment capability over the long term as the global enrichment market recovers. The company is continuing to develop and demonstrate its advanced centrifuge technologies at its facilities in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

Fuel Cycle Services

Leveraging our deep technical expertise and working together with our strategic partners in the industry, Centrus offers solutions across the nuclear fuel cycle to help our utility customers lower their financial and implementation risks.

The nuclear fuel cycle is complex, with long lead times between different stages. Centrus has structured a portfolio of strategic relationships to meet our customers’ requirements for more responsive fuel procurement. These relationships allow us to manage supply logistics, optimize inventory management, and build in supply assurances to safeguard against possible supply disruptions.